Anxiety ruins my life in the dumbest ways. Like honestly Erin??? JUST DO IT
  1. Sometimes I walk to the next tstop because I live off of a tstop you have to hail like a cab
  2. I don't order food if I have to call
  3. I haven't been to the doctor in a really long time because I'm too anxious to go
  4. Whenever someone offers me water I say no even when I'm super thirsty WHY ERIN WHY THEY ASKED
  5. I'll do anything I can not to use a strangers bathroom like hold it for hourzzzz
  6. My face turns bright red if I'm talking to someone I don't know that well and I'm not embarrassed and I also don't liiiike them - my face just turns red uncontrollably and once I can feel it red I get anxious and become really shy
  7. When I was first roommates with @minabird we weren't friends yet and she got me to watch all these horror movies because I was too anxious to admit to hating horror movies but honestly it made us bond so I'm okay with it
  8. I let Bank of America charge me with dumb fees because I was too nervous to demand it back
  9. I always spelled wrong on purpose to avoid being chosen for spelling bees because I was an excellent speller and honestly would have been asked
  10. I also pretended to not be as good at flute as I am to avoid being chosen for solos lol
  11. My ex boyfriend drives a white car so every time I see a white car (which is a lot duh) I freak out
  12. Never being able to totally relax during sex and therefore never reaching orgasm ☺️☺️☺️☺️
    Suggested by @sebastian
  13. Still being very outgoing and personable but constantly thinking that everyone hates me, no matter what.
    Suggested by @olive