You know when you walk by someone and you hear a hilarious excerpt out of context? Here's some of my favorites
  1. "Try lighting a bubble and putting it back in your mouth"
  2. "We're camping and bears will come!!!"
  3. "Oh cool! Burger patties!"
  4. A mom: "Wanna take a picture at the frogs?" Her son: "I always do"
  5. "That lady is a prositute! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!"
  6. "I want Newbury Comics. I want it now!!!! Let me say a swear word..fuckah!!!"
    Faneuil Hall always brings some great people
  7. "Isn't life cold without socks?"
  8. "I want to break you into pieces and puzzle you up"
  9. "But dude..she roofied you!"
  10. "But it was a BROCOLI nugget"
  11. In line at the bank..Bank Teller: "Would you like to set up online banking?" Old Man: *laughs* "No I'm still living in the 80s"
    How many times have we all heard something like this? Love it every time