1. Charlotte from Charlotte's Web
    She was so helpful to Wilbur and the only outwardly nice spider I can think of.
  2. The spider from Spider-Man
    YAS YAS YAS - the only spider I hope to be bit by.
  3. Rosie from A Bug's Life
    This sassy B is voiced by Bonnie Hunt. That alone is enough to qualify her. Suggested by @bryce
  4. The tarantula from Home Alone
    Without Buzz's tarantula Kevin may have been caught, luckily it landed on Marv.
  5. Aragog from Harry Potter
    His only bad flaw was trying to feed his family but who can blame him. He gave great insight to the Chamber of Secrets AND lead to Harry getting the horcrux memory from Slughorn. RIP.
  6. @ErinFlaherty - but here's the real question, what about Spider Pig? Suggested by @Danni
    I love this suggestion, so true. I ranked him here because his 💩💩💩 caused the Dome in Springfield so although he's cute he's very problematic.
  7. The basically spiders from Maze Runnner
    Not technically a spider but they have 8 legs and are terrifying so they count. Suggested by @sarahfhumphrey
  8. The momma spider in Arachnophobia
    Just dong what spiders do: Systematically destroying an entire town. Suggested by @gwcoffey
  9. Shelob from Lord of The Rings
    This bitch sucks so hard. Fuck her. Byeeeee Felicia.