I am not denying that these women look super hot BUT why does every girls costume have to be "sexy ____" maybe I want to actually be the character not their sexy alter ego. Oh well - eat your hearts out!
  1. Why be an Ewok when you can be a sexy Ewok?? Have any left over brown cloth? Just slap it on anywhere and grab a stick from outside
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  2. Because this looks just like Vader... I hope to never see this costume in person.
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  3. Classic - not gonna lie I've always wanted this. But I cannot ever seeing myself having the confidence to walk around like that all night. Maybe one day😘
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  4. "Pew pew like omg I'm a storm trooper💁🏼" that's what I picture her saying
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  5. Sexy Chewbacca! Basically the Ewok costume just make sure you add the side belt instead of the stick.
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  6. And again.
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  7. Is this Han Solo or a cute girl with a fake gun? At least she's got the furry thing in her pants right 😱
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  8. LOL. All I have to say that is, mhm.
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  9. To be fair she's probably a kick ass bounty hunter because who would not voluntarily give them self up to her. However if you want to be Boba Fett I am gonna have to say 🙅🏼
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  10. I actually really dig sexy Greedo. Is this him shooting first..?
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