I am not denying that these women look super hot BUT why does every girls costume have to be "sexy ____" maybe I want to actually be the character not their sexy alter ego. Oh well - eat your hearts out!
  1. Why be an Ewok when you can be a sexy Ewok?? Have any left over brown cloth? Just slap it on anywhere and grab a stick from outside
  2. Because this looks just like Vader... I hope to never see this costume in person.
  3. Classic - not gonna lie I've always wanted this. But I cannot ever seeing myself having the confidence to walk around like that all night. Maybe one day😘
  4. "Pew pew like omg I'm a storm trooper💁🏼" that's what I picture her saying
  5. Sexy Chewbacca! Basically the Ewok costume just make sure you add the side belt instead of the stick.
  6. And again.
  7. Is this Han Solo or a cute girl with a fake gun? At least she's got the furry thing in her pants right 😱
  8. LOL. All I have to say that is, mhm.
  9. To be fair she's probably a kick ass bounty hunter because who would not voluntarily give them self up to her. However if you want to be Boba Fett I am gonna have to say 🙅🏼
  10. I actually really dig sexy Greedo. Is this him shooting first..?