1. The old man at Park Street playing his one string instrument. He's ALWAYS there, anyone from Boston knows who I am talking about. That guy is very dedicated, legit been there for years.
  2. Keytar Bear Man
    He's always out!!
  3. Amazing electric violin girl
  4. Old woman lugging around a giant cart - always smiling, wearing a long cap.
  5. Young man spieling the same story to get money at North Station. Called me a bitch when I told him no. ❤️
  6. Blind man at south station always standing near the subway entrance
  7. The man who gets on subways and PREACHESSSS tf out aboht Jesus like belts his message as loud as possible.
  8. Old man at downtown crossing always ONLY singing Unchained Melody (not well 😬)
  9. Man at downtown crossing that makes weird noises to get attention then once has it asks for money.
  10. The lady who works at the Dunkins in back bay express station is a DOLL and I always tip her because my work sends me to get a million things.