Thanks for the request! I adored this topic and everyone's lists☺️
  1. My yellow Blanky
    I bring this with me always still. Not a stuffed animal but in the same category. She's my first "thing" and I latched onto her so hard she would definitley be used to make a horcrux NOT that I plan on making them...
  2. Patch
    I loved him so hardddd. When I got lice my mom made me put him in a bag in the basement and then he got gross down there and I was forced to throw him out I was devastated and cried a lot. Still lowkey upset.
  3. Paddington
    If you stretch his hat it plays music and sometimes when I'm home I still pull it when I'm falling asleep
  4. Ice Bat
    @sky gave this to me back in the day and it's my travel stuffed animal to this day
  5. Skunky
    When I got lice my mom made me put all my stuffed animals in bags til they were gone and she let me pick him out at the store as the only animal I could play with
  6. This Chicken
    I love this lil dude because it's the size of a real chicken and is super cozy
  7. Bullseye
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    He was a big horse I could pretend to ride around the house I was so happy
  8. Tuggles
    We couldn't have a dog so this was a lifelike fake dog that had padded feet and would legit run along side you
  9. Hammy
    I really liked Toy Story
  10. Doodle bear
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    I had the one that you could have in water so bath/pool toy as well as being able to doodle all over such a good lil bear
  11. My first ever build a bear
    Hard to not love the first bear you did that crazy dance and put the heart into yourself
  12. I had a llama obsession and this was my one and only