Some of these are real some are not ~ @sky 😘
  1. She knocked over a whole shelf at Starbucks and everything came crashing down
  2. She performed Cher's "Believe" at our school's talent show
  3. During chemistry tutoring we had to answer a numerical math problem and sky gave the answer "barometer"
  4. She wears Pajamas with Robert DeNiro's face tiled across the pants
  5. A Ouija Board phase
  6. She cried when I squirted ketchup on her back
  7. She has an alter ego named "Agent Pete" that comes out when she's drunk
  8. Her aim screename at one time was MrsxXGerardXxWay
  9. She streaked across the White House front lawn naked which is her only arrest (so far)
  10. There's a video on her YouTube account of a clay handmade Quasimodo dancing to the song "My Humps"