And @minabird - it's all about the small moments here people
  1. It was because of shared love for Bo Burnham
  2. No really it was! Evan visited our school and someone asked him who his favorite comedian was and he said Bo Burnham and me and Maris are VERY into Bo so we stood up and cheered and he went "YEAHHH!! See they know!" And by chance someone made a gif of the very moment so I'm blessed🙏
  3. That being said EVERYONE GO ON NETFLIX AND WATCH BO'S "MAKE HAPPY" NEW SPECIAL! IT COMES OUT TODAY! I was lucky enough to see it live and it was amazing.
  4. During the live show, Bo kept poking fun at the other shows in the Boston area going on. He called the Blueman Group "blue godless thumbs" and begged everyone not to see Elf the Musical 😂 he would be doing a bit and continuously work that in.
  5. Bo really captures issues of depression in this one. And as always satirically talks about society. His way with words (words words) is👌🏽