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  1. My personal fav
    76a24f34 0c76 4344 9b44 eb5eff2e2a80
  2. Bd5180a0 8fa9 447d 89b5 d659d5b1991d
  3. 00c929a7 7eb1 49a6 b3d6 36678ab1e068
  4. 1fd43011 de57 4ae1 8116 0d4e35598fb9
  5. Let's not forget Buzz
    C20b8f69 0da1 4ab2 bda4 e05ae7d6113c
  6. Yasss
    689109d9 9289 478d a2b1 52904b631b1d
    Suggested by @Meatball
  7. Whoops I screwed up. Welp can't retake it.
    00daff2d 361e 474f a931 231786a1e67e
    Suggested by @DavidSeger
  8. @kelanza struggled to figure it out at first
    1136a618 c0df 48c6 acb1 c071df43459e
    Suggested by @minabird
  9. Dd7f7382 8df9 4e98 91f8 a488968c01bb
    Suggested by @danrobert
  10. I didn't get the update, my eyes are just this size
    416d307e d00b 4039 b67b d4533b37ff09
    Suggested by @Dustin