My mom saw Henry Diltz (the photographer of this album and a million other iconic ones) speak last night and she just shared this with me
  1. Henry met with the band and they had no idea what they wanted to do for the album cover
  2. Ray Manzarek mentioned that he saw a hotel called Morrison Hotel in San Francisco so they went to check it out
  3. Henry went in to ask if they could take photos and the guy at the front desk was saying "No. Absolutely not. My boss isn't here today I'm not going to let you in." And after being really pushy they left.
  4. As they left Henry noticed the guy left his position at the front desk and went up the elevator and he rushed the band back inside and quickly took the photos.
  5. Isn't that crazy?? Such an iconic album cover almost never happened!
  6. And here is the final product!
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