1. I was in marching band
    That flute life, we did a thrilling Michael Jackson field show once lolol
  2. I used to steal toilet paper from my school with @sky cuz we were poor and our roommates didn't help buying it
  3. I just started playing World of Warcraft but don't have enough money to keep paying for it
  4. I still have a baby tooth!!
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    Do ya see it??
  5. In high school one of the two times I skipped school I ripped my pants hopping a fence
  6. I wanted the Siri with the Australian accent but I didn't make the connection that he was obviously there for pronounciation reasons so I kept saying the word "write" and it kept saying "rate" and once I figured this out I said what I needed to in an Australian accent so now I put on my best Australian accent when I'm talking to Siri.
  7. There are horizontal lines on my back that are all evenly spaced apart that randomly appeared there one day
    Maybe I was abducted? Maybe I'm a robot? Either way I'm cool not knowing
  8. I dated my shitty ex for a whole year without my parents knowing
    They hated him and thought we had broken up before I went to college
  9. I've been sleeping in a Panda onsie every night (it's FUKKIN cold)
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