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    When we were in 6th grade me and @sky wrote "Bob ice" in chalk all over our city as a play on both Bo Bice and Bob from My Chemical Romance πŸ™„
    2006 was weird
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    Apologies to the double tree in Dorchester, for my friends and I for A LONG time periodically pretended to be guests and got free cookies. They eventually caught on and asked us our room # and my friend said a room that didn't exist.
    Worth itπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ
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    When I was younger I would eat SO MUCH SAND! I used to fill my gloves up with sand at recess for later, and would regularly be caught (it was pre-school OKAY)
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    And on the note of sand, I used to eat the rock salt they put on snow. How am I not radioactive and have a tail I don't know. The best part is I used to call it "spicy snow."
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    In elementary school I would dress up in my Nala costume and stand on the side of the street waving to strangers.
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    I bullied @christine for going to swim practice. I'm very ashamed of this because swimming is normal and I don't know why I was such a dick. Probably because when I was 3 my mom took me for swimming lessons and she found me in the locker room taking everyone's clothes out of the lockers and never brought me back so to this day I only doggy paddle.
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    Our nanny quit because she "couldn't guarantee" my safety anymore lololol that's okay I helped weed out the weak
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    I used to own an invisible dog named Sirius Black and I convinced myself I could actually feel the warmth next to me where the dog was.
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    That being said, in 3rd grade my teacher had to stop reading Harry Potter to my class because my friends and I got "too into it" ha ha like approaching her and telling her we saw the basilisk in the school basement was WEIRD or something
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    I once spit in my roommate at the time's smoothie TO BE FAIR SHE INFESTED THE WHOLE PLACE WITH FLEAS and a bunch of other shitty behavior so you know what? I did enjoy watching her drink that
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    It was me who threw raisins all over the cafeteria in middle school Mr. Willard (an announcement was made at lunch to whoever made the mess step forward and start cleaning and for some reason a bunch of kids just started picking up the raisins anyway???! I call this my Spartacus moment)