Bad things, that is. I was also the youngest child - it's kind of our job to raise hell.
  1. They got the bunk bed and I had a separate bed so out of spite I would throw naked barbies at them while they were in bed
  2. My sister was a vegetarian for years and we got into a huge fight during dinner so I threw a meatball at her face
  3. I threw their slippers into the kitty litter box
  4. I threw our cat at my sister (a gentle toss and I was too young to know this was wrong) but now she has a scar to this day from it
  5. My sister made a beautiful 2000 poster on New Year's Eve and I ripped it up because I was upset we were entering a new millennium (true story - I cried)
  6. I gave my sister a makeover that stained her face for a couple days (it was a BAD make over)
  7. In Disney world a weird life guard was hitting on my oldest sister so me and my other sister purposefully kept going in that area so she would have to talk to him
  8. I was really jealous my oldest sister spent all of her time with her boyfriend at the time so when we were all at the park I kept putting grass all over him