1. Hot meals every night
    Not from a microwave specifically
  2. A ride literally anywhere
    Moms are good for that
  3. Not paying for a place to live
    *cue in music from RENT*
  4. Money in exchange for chores
    It's completely up to me to do dishes and not live in filth with no reward
  5. Having every TV channel
    "Ooo I love this movie!" Clicks on it - doesn't get that channel
  6. Constantly having pets around
    Too expensive and too little time to have a pet living on your own 😢
  7. Family
    You definitley don't appreciate your family when you're growing up but then when you can never see them you actually miss them
  8. Time
    Just having time to do ANYTHING
  9. Parents setting up your play dates
    So you could have a social life without putting in any sort of effort
    Suggested by @jordanbashaar
  10. Parents' health insurance
    Never having to pay for doctors or prescriptions? Is this Canada or something?
    Suggested by @evanp
  11. Free time
    I had so much time to swan about as a kid, just doing whatever I felt like at the moment.
    Suggested by @DG