1. Become a mom
    Giphy downsized medium
    At a good time in my life of course. But all you moms are lovely and make awesome lists about your kids it makes me hopeful for the future!
  2. Move to LA
    Li.st is growing but I still feel like the majority is out west and I get jealous of all the cool lists about it. I love Boston but I'm looking for adventure!
  3. Travel
    I have a huge wanderlust bug with all of your vacation pics and lists about different countries! If my bank account wasn't crying I'd go right now!
  4. Be famous
    This one is obvious 💁🏼
  5. Pursue a cool job
    I'm in that post graduation funk of *R2D2 screams* WHAT DO I WANT TO DO! I love the insights of different professions and it's nice reading about people who genuinely love what they do.
  6. Stay socially educated
    I feel like I have a good head on my shoulders for the most part but education is an ongoing process. I have learned so much from you guys about issues of race, class, sexuality and gender ect. Now that I'm done with school, it's on me to stay educated on topical issues.
  7. Read more
    I have 💾 so many book recommendation lists it's time to start going through those!
  8. Write more
    Between personal essays, creative writing and all of the inbetween I feel inspired to write. I have gotten so much out of this lil app. And this format has made it fun again for me!
  9. Same! But also..
    Listen to all the music ever made!
    Suggested by @shanaz