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Thanks @biz ❤️
  1. Any Facebook statuses I've made from 2006-09
  2. My Gaia online profile just lay me into the ground now
    2006/7 me was HORRIBLE! I made posts about the patriots (was never into football?); Zac Efron being soooo hot; rap music being the worst; my chemical romance and green day being the best; harry potter predictions ect
  3. Pics of me in my emo phase - here's one
    That's a HIM shirt where a butterfly's wing is being ripped off
  4. Wigs
    Idk WHY I'm freaked out by them but it's to the point where I played an old lady in a play and wouldn't wear a wig so I obvs didn't look old
  5. White guys with dreads
    They're probably only going to talk about weed and the fact that they have dreads
  6. Small talk
    I know both parties hate it so why do we do it???
  7. Guys looking at me on the train
    I travel late at night so if I notice a man looking at me I automatically assume you're a murderer/rapist who's gonna follow me home
  8. When people post a video of themselves singing on social media
    Because it's usually only the people who can't sing ammmiiiright???
  9. When a napkin or paper towel rubs against itself
    I'm an effing weirdo this literally sends shivers down my spine
  10. Talking on the phone
    I blame growing up in a digital world but if I'm not expecting a call I won't answer
  11. Commitment
    Not in an I'd cheat way but having been in long distance relationship for two years it's made me so independent that i don't know if marriage is an option I want in the future