1. Making fun of Rand Paul's looks even though he just said he's never made fun of Rand Paul's looks
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  2. Jeb u gonna pass dat J?
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  3. I love Aliens!
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  4. Oh my god I hate standing, this debate was too long, ouch my poor old man legs
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  5. No Bush I will not apologize for being an asshole to your wife even though she's right there
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  6. Build that wall so I can keep my money even tho I agree I don't need my social security
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  7. I will create the most jobs evuuurrrr even tho my claim to fame is telling people that they're fired
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  8. Put my daughter on the bill - we need to prove that white privileged girls represent all women and their struggles
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  9. Lolz id name my secret service Humble like me
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