1. "I'm taking the dog out for a walk!" *grabs dog and takes him to poke stops*
  2. Me going to the doctors: Dad "You sure you don't want a ride?" Me "Nah it's fine, it's nice out" it's so hot out guys and was a 40 minute walk😬
  3. I put on excercise clothes and went out power walking. GOTTA HATCH THOSE EGGS THO!
  4. *Looking at phone intently but realizing I'm about to pass someone* panics *pretends to laugh and moves thumbs like I am texting someone.*
  5. "I'll be back later, I'm going downtown to meet *friend's name*" in reality downtown has so many lures
    I'm in the white dress and leggings. The policeman wanted to snap a pic of every one grouped playing Pokemon and posted it on Facebook. IM OUTED TO THE WORLD.
  6. But what really got my parents to know what was up was when my sister and I went out for a late night walk together. "If you and your sister are willingly leaving the house together I know you're catching pokemons" said by mom who always adds "s" to Pokemon.