1. My first kiss was while watching A New Hope
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    Possibly worst kiss of my life it was more of a slobber
  2. The first kiss with my first love was also watching A New Hope
    Am I taking the title too literally?
  3. First time I did it was to Return of the Jedi in a motel
    I swear I wasn't even planning these chains of events
  4. Using that I love starwars as a pickup line in college
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    It worked everytime
  5. Realizing I don't ever want to use Star Wars as a pickup line ever again
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    It surprising got old having every joke I make have to be about Star Wars, those men were not the droids I was looking for
  6. One of my exes always shares Star Wars links and tags me in them even though we have been broken up for 3 years
    Believe it or not OTHER girls like Star Wars
  7. Now that I'm alone most of the time I enjoy making "It's a trap!" videos with my Venus fly trap
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    Right @sky ?
  8. Hopefully someone will take me on a date to see the Force Awakens 😁
    Yoda one for me?