This is for a fiction writing class - so it's written anonymously and exaggerated. It's due tomorrow oops 🙊
  1. The inspiration was from my previous list because a lot happened today. Everyone has a story to tell - big or small!
  2. Today I had a meeting where two of my coworkers sang a hilarious song they had been writing for a video project REALLY WELL and everyone was laughing and I realized how much I love my job. Then I came home and watched Bob's Burgers and chilled the fuck out for hours. Then you came home and told me about your day.
    Suggested by @sky
  3. Today my 17 year old brother bought a car and here I am at age 22 without a license
    Suggested by @sky
  4. Today I made some progress on a major project with an impending deadline and it was fun and I ate a lot of grapes
    Suggested by @agard
  5. posted up in bed all day with a high fever for so long that my back and hips ache :(
    Suggested by @maira
  6. Visited four high schools to talk to students about the University I work for.
    Suggested by @sam
  7. Today I cancelled music practice with a guy I'm supposed to be playing with. I have a cold, so I can't sing. But this is like the third time I've put this guy off in as many weeks. I feel kind of bad, but not really.
    Suggested by @BlueRidgeGirl
  8. Stopped on the way to class to pass out waters and umbrellas to the homeless.
    Suggested by @olive
  9. Dealt with drama that happened over the weekend, which was actually bad. Biked to work, which was good. Not sure kinda fell in love with Bernie Sanders. Too soon to tell, but I am a socialist soooo... Made awesome pasta for dinner. Who said a story needs a clear beginning, middle and end.
    Suggested by @p
  10. Spent my first day unemployed! Wrote jokes with my best friends and found a picture of my doppelgänger wearing a trenchcoat on the commuter train
    Suggested by @Adam
  11. Thought about whether or not I should make a go of actually fasting on Yom Kippur. Hated on myself for spending so much time thinking about it. Ground my teeth a lot. Made lemongrass chicken. Finally sat down to do a few pages in length learn how to draw book but got bored after only two. Fooled around on my phone.
    Suggested by @sarahlefton
  12. I hiked around the tip on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. Started in a t shirt two hours in it started to down pour. We hid under a rock with a bunch of sheep until it cleared up and finished with a beautiful view of the sun breaking through the clouds. Then watched a whole season of Burning Love in bed.
    Suggested by @NickyB
  13. I went to the gym for fifteen minutes, got nervous the grocery store would close if I stayed any longer and left so I could get in before they shut down. Bought dried mango slices and pasta sauce - ate all the mangos before I got to the cheek out. Still paid. Spent the rest of the evening in my gym clothes eating cookies and pasta.
    Suggested by @christine
  14. I made paper mâché fruit to decorate the family's sukkah.
    Suggested by @elliek