I 100% thought I was abducted by aliens. I remember the bright light shining through my skylight window. I remember the feeling of being paralyzed. I remember the centripetal force feeling of lifting off my bed. And I remember trying to scream but nothing could come out. SO to calm my sanity I just kept telling myself I had a crazy hallucination.
  1. This past summer I took an Anthropology class on dreaming
  2. We studied something called sleep paralysis. There are multiple steps of sleep paralysis.
  3. 1. Being awake
    This is important because it helps distinguish sleep paralysis from a nightmare. Nightmares are bad dreams. During sleep paralysis you're awake - which is why I remember it so vividly.
  4. 2. Realistic perception of the Environment
    Since you are awake your perception is exactly as you are. I was on my bed. My room looked completely normal. This is honestly terrifying because it helps it feel real.
  5. 3. Inability to Move
    The body is paralyzed. This also affects breathing. When you're deep asleep in your REM cycle the body paralyzes itself as a mode of protection otherwise (as studies shown) you will act our your dreams - similar to sleep walking but can be more intense. But with sleep paralysis you're awake and aware of your surroundings so it's scary to not be able to move.
  6. 4. Overwhelming fear and dread
    It is so scary being awake and not understanding what is happening to you. It's worse than a nightmare because you believe something bad is actually happening to you.
  7. 5. A sensed presence
    I unfortunately would experience sleep paralysis a lot and this helps explains the alien part. Other times I've had this I thought some type of bad spirit was around. This thing is crazy! In other cultures they have specific names for the prescences they believe come during this.
  8. 6. Chest Pressure
    It feels like a huuuuge weight is on your chest - as if something is pushing down on you. Which would be the force I thought I was experiencing from the abduction or a spirit pressing down on me.
  9. 7. Difficulty Breathing
    This was mentioned before but is its own feature. It's hard to breath properly during this and especially trying to talk. My ex-boyfriend once shook me out of it because I was saying his name over and over in a really strained weak voice.
  10. 8. Supine Position
    Sleep paralysis happens most often when you are laying on your back. Thinking back I was definitley trying to fall asleep laying down on my back so now I will ALWAYS sleep on my side.
  11. I got all my info from Shelley Adler and her book "Sleep Paralysis: Nightmares, Nocebos, and the Mind-Body Connection"
  12. This is an excellent read. It also explains this interpretation in numerous cultures which is fascinating.
  13. If you or someone you know thinks they've been abducted by aliens read about sleep paralysis! There is a known correlation. It gave me some piece of mind haha..or maybe I'm still crazy who knows😜