This party was too turnt and me and @sky hated it
  1. It's my house that gets trashed
  2. It's my bathroom with muddy foot prints in the tub
  3. It's my toilet paper that gets used
  4. It's my glasses that break
  5. It's my house where people are smoking cigarettes inside
  6. It's my house filled with random party stragglers at the end of the night
  7. It's my cabinets that get raided
  8. It's my favorite Star Wars mug I can't find because someone probably used it to put alcohol in
  9. When the cops come for any reason, YOU'RE the one that gets cited.
    Suggested by @olive
  10. All of this wi have to dealt with while I'M hungover
    Suggested by @originalamericantrt
  11. It's my house that has sticky floors - creds to @katolson
  12. Strangers have sex in MY bathroom
    Suggested by @p
  13. Feeling like Patrick at some point because a ton of random people just show up
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  14. You have to spend all the money on drinks and snacks.
    Suggested by @13spencer
  15. The realization the next day that a bunch of weirdos now know where you live, and all the stuff you own.
    Suggested by @13spencer
  16. You can't arrive late or leave early - you're stuck there for the whole party😱