1. The Beatles feel like home to me. I've been listening to them since I was an egg.
  2. When I was tiny I thought the lyrics to "Ticket to Ride" were "She's got a chicken to ride"🐓 and my parents never corrected me because they loved it
  3. I'm in awe how a boy band could transition into some really powerful and trippy music. Boy bands these days could never do this.
  4. Many family movie nights were spent watching their films. I could recite A Hard Day's Night probably.
  5. Me and @sky connected over that ^ and had a couple weeks where we would watch it almost every night together.
  6. Seeing both the alive Beatles were on my bucket list and I crossed both off! I saw Ringo with @sky and my friend offered me a free $500 ticket to see Paul at Fenway park so I obviously took that opportunity. It kills me that my mom saw them as a whole band for only $5
    Sir Paul - I respect the shit out of you but maybe charge less you have so much money
  7. I did a big end of the year project on Beatlemania/The British Invasion and it allowed me to spend hours researching the band
  8. The George Harrison documentary is a MUST. I've watched it a few times now, it's incredible.
    He's also my favorite Beatle
  9. A couple years ago they inspired me to um..be a bit spiritual and have some really cool experiences and find myself
  10. One of my best nights was with @minabird drawing and listening to a beautiful Beatles instrumental record
  11. I love the Across the Universe movie which was inspired by them obviously. A lot of older fans refuse to watch it but it's probably not what they are thinking. Some really great covers in there.
  12. George Harrison's music blows me away. Within You Without You is one of my top favorite songs
    They're all good, he's just my fav
  13. Their songs are timeless, and some of those lyrics will stay with me forever. I want some kind of Beatles tattoo that's not cliche.
  14. They are unique and a huge part of history - they started a music revolution and spread some really powerful messages. Rock on👊🏼
  15. P.s. I'll fall in love with you if you ever sing "Something" to me