These all feel like little treasures to me because my phone almost died yesterday and I thought they were gone for good.
  1. The oldest photo in my camera roll, showing my mother in a life jacket and floaty in five feet of water. Even though we are all now in our 30s, she would prefer we swim in life jackets at all times.
  2. I don't even remember when this was taken, but it's a captured moment from one of my favourite kind of nights: board games, family hangouts...and beer.
  3. The fact that we would return to the bouncy castle in an hour did not matter to him. His wee heart was breaking.
  4. Sometimes a person (me) just needs to take a nap under a pile of coats.
  5. Blue Jays spirit day at school. This was the only hat I could get my hands on. My students told me I looked "gangster".
  6. Bonus photo: because look at this guy!