The wanderlust is real.
  1. The Rocky Mountains: Matt loves the mountains and I love Matt. The equation speaks for itself.
  2. Ireland: even though I'm only 1/4 Irish, I feel in my bones that this is the homeland. There is magic in the air.
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  3. New Orleans: but I'm gonna call it "N'awlins" every. single. time.
  4. England: If I had to choose one place to live happily ever after, I would never tire of England. I love every corner that I've seen, and yearn for those I have not.
  5. The Maritimes: Celtic vibes with a Canadian spirit - the perfect mix. Bonus points for "Anne of Green Gables" tourism.
  6. Italy: the anti-Ireland for me, everything about Italy is foreign to my way of being. And yet, I feel the most relaxed here.