That Sitter Life
  1. You knew the theme song to The Little Einsteins long before the vine craze
  2. You wish Elsa would let go... Of the edge of a cliff.
  3. You've ever hidden a movie from the kids cause you just can't watch Annie at all today.
  4. You've made a mix cd of Disney songs... And immediately regretted it.
  5. You talk the kids into playing I Spy because you just don't have the energy to run around anymore
  6. You think the My Little Ponies need an attitude adjustment
  7. Lightening McQueen is your arch enemy.
  8. You now know how much trauma eating a carrot can cause.
  9. You're baffled that kids these days only eat the Oreo creme... Cause they don't like the cookie... (ITS A FREAKING COOKIE!!!)