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This applies half to the days I work, and half to every morning . Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Should I press the snooze button?
    Dangerous game when you wake up at 5 AM
  2. Oooo my bed is so damn comfy.
  3. I get to eat again!!! What am I going to have for lunch and dinner?
    I'm a fat kid for lyfe.
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Cuz this is a thing on the interweb
  1. I rest my case.
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Can I get a relist from my amazing list homies w more followers? (Shout out to you @thepetemoore @aus10 ❤️ etc...)
  1. I've been really fortunate to be surrounded by some amazingly intelligent human beings.
  2. We often sit around and have conversations that spark critical thinking and make me knowledge thirsty.
  3. Questions and debates about the American political system, did the Big Bang really happen, what can we do to change the system, what's going on in the Middle East and more fill our evenings.
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I'm wicked hungover, y'all. If anyone is in Wanaka, NZ at the mo, can you drop these things of at the log cabin?
  1. Fanta orange
  2. Chocolate milkshake
    And I'm not talking about an iced chocolate motherfuckers!
  3. Thai fried rice
    With some goddamn sweet chili sauce on the side!!
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and made me love reading
  1. Mandy
    I remember reading this book until the binding fell apart. I couldn't wait to get into bed at night and escape into Mandy's story. An orphan girl finds a secret house in the woods behind her orphanage and plants beds of flowers and makes it her own. I searched for a similar house in the woods behind my house for months!
  2. The Babysitters Club
    The books that furthered my love for reading. I became a member of their book club and received 4 books/month. I read them within the first week and had to wait a painstakingly 3 weeks to receive more. They were the literary crack of my childhood. I <3ed Dawn so much!
  3. A Widow For One Year
    The first "adult" book I read, that wasn't required by school, at the tender age of 15. The sex scenes excited me and made me feel exhilarated. This book began my long love affair with John Irving novels. And boy did I fall hard for his writing.
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Meow! 😺 thanks to @simplyshelli for the listpiration!
  1. 5. P Terry's
    He's the good looking hipster that has an air of mystery about him. We'd go for a beer and I'd quickly find out he has no personality and is actually quite dumb, but I'd fuck him anyways. The sex would be average.
  2. 4. Chilis
    An on time, consistent and a gracious lover; he's not the best looking bloke on the block, but I know I'll have a good time. Late night texts are always answered straight away and he's packing some heat between his legs.
  3. 3. Whole Foods Buffet
    Sleeping with him would be a roller coaster. I'd always feel guilty for calling him late at night, but it's late and what other choice do I have? Sometimes it would be magical, dirty and leaving me wanting more. Other times I'd feel disappointed. No matter how good or bad, I'd always feel guilty for going there afterwards.
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I joined the world of Facebook in June of 2005. Oh what a journey it has been...
  1. It was the summer before my freshman year at the University of Vermont.
  2. I received my college email address in April (which you needed to sign up), but my friends and I waited to get an account.
    We were embarrassed to be the first ones in our class to have one, so we waited until we saw 2 of the popular girls on there and created ours.
  3. You could search the people who would be living in your college dorm and some of my first college friends were made essentially through Facebook.
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Going through my phone like, whoa I have a lot of epic sunset/sunrise shots. To see more pics (albeit a bit shitty — I'm no photog!) of my adventures overseas, follow me on IG @Erynnb
  1. Boat cruise on Lake Wanaka at sunset, Wanaka, NZ
  2. View from my bedroom window at sunrise, Wanaka, NZ
  3. Sunset in Raglan, NZ over Mount Karioi
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Note to the reader — I cheated! I had to avoid inappropriate photos and also screenshots of things I want to reference later. 😉😁😛
  1. From a List App list
    I screenshot and saved, as I was grumpy and my boyfriend was pissing me off. I didn't send it though, because I'm an #adult.
  2. Body and self confidence goals
    A lil picaroni to motivate me to feel confident, comfortable and sexy in my own skin. Also, I think I texted a poly friend asking "does my body look like this?!?!" 🙃
  3. Uluwatu, Indonesia
    I went on a visa run to Indonesia in October of 2016, whilst living in Melbourne, Australia. These were cliffs right near the Uluwatu Temple and they were breathtaking.
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  1. I eat snickers
  2. While drinking a mocha
  3. I don't have diabetes...yet