This applies half to the days I work, and half to every morning . Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Should I press the snooze button?
    Dangerous game when you wake up at 5 AM
  2. Oooo my bed is so damn comfy.
  3. I get to eat again!!! What am I going to have for lunch and dinner?
    I'm a fat kid for lyfe.
  4. How cold is it going to be when I leave my covers?
    Central heating doesn't exist in NZ and it's winter. Strug is real.
  5. I hope I'm working with some cuties at my lift station today 😻😻
    I'm taking a gap season and working as a lifty on a ski mountain. My life is manual labor plus flirting with cute skiers and boarders.
  6. I'm so goddamn sore
    See above re: manual labor
  7. Has Jamie emailed me back?
    I'm in the process of acquiring a work sponsorship in Australia. I'm anxious to say the least.
  8. Is it payday yet?
    I'm a lifty on a ski mountain, 'nuff said.
  9. Do I have enough time to 'bate before I shower?
  10. I hope it snowed last night!!!