I <3 Sunset Pics

Going through my phone like, whoa I have a lot of epic sunset/sunrise shots. To see more pics (albeit a bit shitty — I'm no photog!) of my adventures overseas, follow me on IG @Erynnb
  1. Boat cruise on Lake Wanaka at sunset, Wanaka, NZ
  2. View from my bedroom window at sunrise, Wanaka, NZ
  3. Sunset in Raglan, NZ over Mount Karioi
  4. Point Lonsdale, Victoria, Australia during our pop up restaurant by the beach
  5. A Balinese Fire Dance at sunset at the Uluwatu Temple in Indonesia
  6. Surfers Point, Margaret River, Western Australia
  7. Warwick, Rhode Island, USA
    First and last sunset pic before I left for my adventures in 2014!