1. T Bone Burnett
    They are the first band T Bone signed to his new label Electromagnetic (via Capitol). He exec produced the album.
  2. Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys)
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    Sings on the single "Any Emotions" with a killer performance by Colin Hanks in the video youtu.be/--a78z8kvww
  3. Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)
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    Sings on the single "Vertigo" tinyurl.com/kk4uhz9
  4. QOTSA
    It's Michael Shuman of Queens of the Stone Age's other project.
  5. They're going on tour with Tame Impala, Royal Blood, and My Morning Jacket over the next year.
    So you'll probably see them anyways, might as well have the album.
  6. The keyboardist sounds angelic.
  7. The drummer sings (and stands).
  8. The bassist rips.
  9. They're hot.
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    They wear suits to work like real gentlemen.
  10. You'll probably really enjoy it.
  11. So you can sing along when you see them live (which is truly an amazing experience - unbelievably talented live act.)
    Suggested by @Nicholas