1. Chicken Special, Il Tramezzino
    Studio City is the best location @onlinealison @sophia
  2. Roasted Mushroom, Little Dom's Deli
    But if you go there just get the Brooklyn Dodger, it's not a panini (unless you get it pressed) but it will make you see new colors.
  3. The McDowell, Community
    It's status as a panini is questionable but the bread is in fact grilled.
  4. Veggie with Chicken, Artisan Cheese Gallery
    Another valley hotspot. Little League dads, Moms in Lulus, and intimidating high schoolers.
  5. Nutella with Banana, Il Tramezzino
    You can find this at all locations however last time I checked (9 years ago) Beverly Hills location didn't put powdered sugar on top which is a huge oversight.
  6. Any panini from Cafe Figaro