1. Fix in Echo Park
    Best overall coffee joint.
  2. Broome Street General
    Buy your mom a candle and check out the cool Pendelton stuff. The staff is very nice.
  3. H Coffee
    Their cold brew from a keg will knock you on your ass.
  4. The Oaks
    Killer fonuts.
  5. Vita
    Across the street from The Vista in Los Feliz. Maybe a cool bang-bang date.
  6. Blue Bottle Downtown
    New Orleans.
  7. Coffee Commisary
    They give you free pastries if you happen to go around the time they're closing. (The vanilla iced latte is amazing just ask for mellow syrup)
  8. Intelligentsia
    The old standby....in line for way too long. This is everyone's first eastside coffee experience.
  9. Go Get Em Tiger
    Go get a rope or sign or something so I know where the line is. Who works here? Cool hats, butthead.