1. Three months.
  2. And two weeks.
  3. Until we finally find out if Vinnie is gunna do the movie.
  4. If E and Sloan are meant to be.
  5. If Turtle can keep the weight off.
  6. If Drama is gunna get the other part in Vinnie's movie.
  7. If Ari and Mrs. Ari will go to couples counseling.
  8. If Vinnie bangs all the girls at the Benihana.
  9. If Vinnie bangs Ari's daughter.
  10. If Ari's daughter keeps the baby or not.
  11. If the kid gets circumcised. (Ari is Jewish, which conflicts with Vinnie's Italian catholic background).
  12. If Ari and Vinnie can maintain their relationship both working and non-working after the kid doesn't get circumcised.
  13. Vinnie and Ari make up after Ari's grandson (Vinnie's son) becomes the first uncircumcised boy to have a bar mitzvah.
  14. Everyone wins!