1. Tommy Lee has a Starbucks in his house.
  2. Dr. Dre has a vending machine because he doesn't want his friends eating all his food.
    Great businessman, terrible host.
  3. Some editor got a raise when he suggested fast forwarding down hallways
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  4. Twiggy Ramirez has a cameo in the Marilyn Manson episode.
    Suggested by @nathanwaters
  5. Mariah Carey does the elliptical in stilettos
    Suggested by @daniel
  6. "And THIS is where the magic happens" before entering any bedroom
    Suggested by @michelle
  7. Simon Rex seems fun.
    Suggested by @leslie
  8. Mariah Carey takes a bubble bath mid tour
    Suggested by @chloewepper
  9. Redman's anti-"crib"
    Suggested by @chloewepper
  10. Trick Daddy flaunting his Wet Wipes
    Suggested by @film114
  11. Usher has a temperature-controlled vault for his furs
    Suggested by @white_lightning
  12. Jerry O'Connel's was an apartment he lived in with his cousin and they had a playstation and a grill I think.
    Suggested by @timothy
  13. Joey Fatone of N*sync has a hibachi grill in the middle of his pool.
    Suggested by @kelleyfox
  14. Lil John keeps his Ketchup in the fridge.
    Suggested by @olive