1. Beck while making "Midnight Vultures"
    Probably a lot of Prince. This record is the closest any white man will get to making a Prince record.
  2. The Beach Boys while making "Pet Sounds"
    Paul McCartney doesn't think anyone is "educated musically" until they've heard this album. He was listening to it a lot during Sgt. Pepper sessions.
  3. Matt Damon while prepping for The Talented Mr. Ripley
    Probably a lot of jazz and classical due to its presence in the film. But I imagine he would pick up the phone and just listen to the dial tone for hours.
  4. Jon Brion while making the I ❤️ Huckabees soundtrack
    Probably a lot of Richard Kraft saying, "This is taking you way too long...Hey, have you seen my new Tom Sawyer boat?!" @NKraft
  5. My parents while making me
    I'd like to think it was Zeppelin II but it was probably Jackson Browne. My mom loves Jackson Browne.
  6. Mel Brooks while writing Young Frankenstein
    Probably himself doing the best impressions with no one around.