Nothing like a looming Monday morning to make you experience the following:
  1. 1) Shock. "What?! It's Sunday?! Wait! It's 9pm on a Sunday?!"
  2. 2) Denial. "It might be 9pm, but I still have 3-hours to make the most of the weekend. Drinks, anyone? ... Shooters for everyone!!!"
  3. 3) Anger. "Where the f@*$ did the weekend go? You... Yes, you... I'm asking YOU! WHERE?! WHEEEEEEEERE the %*¥€ did the £#~$ time go? ANSWER ME DAMMIT!"
  4. 4) Guilt and bargaining. "Oh, if only I slept in yesterday and today... Why did I get up at 6am when I woke up? Why? Can I take a nap now to make up for lost sleep? ... Yes, I know it's 9pm... But I'm so tired!"
  5. 5) Depression. Cries. And cries. And cries some more.