The soundtrack that keeps me moving... In shuffle-mode, of course:
  1. Thunderstruck - ACDC
    If the opening guitar riff doesn't kick you into gear, nothing will.
  2. Yeah! - Usher
    Who can REALLY listen to this song and not feel the need to pull a few Usher moves?
  3. Booticilious - Destiny's Child
    The name says it all, right?
  4. It's like that - Run DMC vs Jason Nevins
    And that's the way it is...
  5. Beat it - Michael Jackson
    Just beat it!
  6. Lose yourself - Eminem
    Nothing like the anger of this man to keep pushing you.
  7. Dirty - Christina Aguilera
    It's nasty. It's dirty. And so is running 10kms...
  8. Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana
    Two words: teenage angst - excellent for running!
  9. Eye of the tiger
    It worked for Rocky, right?
  10. Pump it - Blackeyed Peas
    There is just something about the Pulp Fiction influenced track that makes you want to pump it louder.