Notes on Children of Men

Children of Men is a 2006 film about a futuristic society that has, for some reason that goes unexplained in the film, become infertile. Clive Owen plays an indifferent spinster with no reason to live. Until he's given one. Based on the book by P. D. James.
  1. The cars of the future look shitty.
  2. Weed is still illegal.
  3. The refugee crisis resembles World War times - containment in cages at border points,cops with dogs nipping at people's heels, refugee internment camps.
  4. UFOs are still unconfirmed.
  5. Clive Owen still had his boyish good looks (pause)
  6. It's absurd how Clive asks for a day off, and never goes back to work. Why did they even bother giving his character that angle?
  7. Family planning is overrated. At least in this future. Same goes for pulling out. ;)
  8. No one has a smart phone. Although car windscreens have HUDs.
  9. The cinematography is fire too!! They must have borrowed a couple of leaves from George Orwell's 1984. I loved the first person live action scenes.
  10. It's crazy how a baby becomes a political tool. I guess every ideology needs a symbol though. Quite like Jesus.