10 reasons I love being an optician

I graduate tis year as an optician, it's a big step in my life, I'm really getting old ;)
  1. I like playing around with little screws!
    As a child I already liked to take small objects apart. Now I can play around and make people happy. It amazing to see how you can repair a frame when other people thought it was impossible.
  2. I like it when costumers are surprised that the small repairs I did for them were free.
    "Oh, it's my pleasure, no worries." Then they all look to me like I made their whole day :D
  3. I like to learn about contact lenses and optical lenses.
    It's fascinating to understand how everything works.
  4. I like to help people, help them see the beautiful world around us.
    The look when old people can finally read their newspaper again or the student ho now can see what the teacher is writing down and gets instantly better grades.
  5. Fashion is an important part of this job.
    You have to know what the new trends are. But you also have to know what kind of frames goes with which face and which colours go best for your costumer. It always a challenge to find the perfect frame.
  6. I also like learning about diseases.
    Cataract is the most common we see in the store. You do not only learn about the disaseses, but also on how the operation goes. Just fascinating.
  7. I also like the technician part.
    I like working with machines. It's really fun to cut the glasses, work with all the tools to make the spectacles. It feels like you made a little piece of art when the glasses are made perfectly.
  8. It's a great conversation starter.
    There aren't that many 21yo girls who decided to go study for optician-optometrist, without parents who own a store. People are always interested in my story.
  9. After a while, you build a connection with the regular costumers.
    You know the people, they know you. Sales are much more relaxed if the people feel more than just another costumer. They feel you appreciate their loyalty
  10. I like sharing my knowledge with other people.
    It's not just a frame and two lenses. I like to explain everything to the costumer. It's awesome to see how they are really interested in what I tell them.