3 Dates In 3 Days.

AKA who am I?
  1. Okay so I've figured out that I haven't been 'single' for nearly three years. I've just been by myself.
  2. I am good at being by myself. Real good.
    And I LOVE it. Truly, madly, deeply.
  3. But I'm dipping my toe back in and I thought Tinder would bring some interesting things into my life.
    I still feel weird about it, Tinder, it's not really 'me'. And I am EXTREMELY picky. I have rules. BUT it certainly has been interesting.
  4. So...
  5. I have lined up 3 dates over the weekend just to test myself & because I actually feel pretty good with each of the guys.
    They don't seem like axe murderers and have normal jobs & similar interests.. That's pretty much my baseline right now.
  6. But again, who am I? This is not what I do.
    Is this too much, too soon??
  7. I feel like the freaking Bachelorette over here.
  8. Nonetheless...
  9. I am hoping to list once a day about each of the bachelors/the date and then.. Well, we'll see what happens.
  10. I'll keep you posted, or not, if you're not invested. That's cool too.
    Maybe 😕
  11. I just know I'll need to write about it.
    And you are all so wonderful and supportive and won't think I'm being a nut-job.
  12. Because this is weird for me.
    I never get this much male attention. I cannot stress this enough.
  13. No pressure, no expectations! Just, dating?
    Easy, right?
  14. "Who will receive the final rose? Stay tuned for the dramatic season of The Bachelorette!" 🌹
    But again, I'm cool.. This is totally casual. No pressure.
  15. But thanks, Chris. 🙏🏻