1. Hello..
    It's me.
  2. I was wonde... No sorry. But it's been a while! I've been trying to savour my last week of holidays before Uni begins again.
    And my freedom flies away.
  3. Plus I've been writing this grant application that was kicking my ass for the last 8 days.
    Like, really, it consumed my whole being. Much stress.
  4. But I asked for help.
    And got some ass-kicking letters of recommendation from teachers/great people in the dance industry!
  5. Plus PLUS, the Aussie Open is on. And that's gold, mate. 🎾
    Tall tennis players grunting. Unf.
  6. And now I'm back..
    Although I've been quietly stalking you all, of course.
  7. And my next list (currently in draft form) includes donuts.
    You're welcome.