Aussie Meetup!

Live updates featuring the awesomest people!
  1. There were lots of hugs to start with! Such a relief to meet everyone!
    And this little guy!
  2. Name tags because we're adorable!
    And @jpbateson made the best badges!
  3. Sahhh CUTEEE.
  4. Drink at the ready!
    @jpbateson look at that smile! 😁
  5. Selfies with the best frand.
  6. Conversation starters.. Please...
    Lovely though @jessicaz 😉
  7. Night time shenanigans and change of location!
  8. An exceptional evening very much loved by this sleepy and satisfied Evie.
    @jessicaz @jpbateson @callmesabby @helenab @alexdwyer63 @Noams I have so much adoration for all of you. Thank you thank you thank you for allowing me to get to know you. It's been a gift! 😘😘😘