Baby Australian Animals: Ranked.

Some of our animals have the power to kill you with cuteness.
  1. 12: Baby Kookaburra.
    Feather fluff.
  2. 11: Baby Bilby.
    Mouse + Bunny = Cute.
  3. 10: Baby Platypus.
    Uniquely adorable.
  4. 9: Baby Dingo.
    You cannot be ferocious. Let me pat you.
  5. 8: Baby Fairy Penguin.
    Just sweetness rolled into a blue fluffy tiny casing.
  6. 7: Baby Echidna.
    Stop trying to fool us with your spikes. You're cute. Get used to it.
  7. 6: Baby Emu.
    Emu emu emu emu emu emu. Weird word. But cute.
  8. 5: Baby Quokka.
    Chubby-cheeks-cute. I want one.
  9. 4: Baby Kangaroo.
    What's up Joey?
  10. 3: Baby Possum.
    I had to type in Baby 'Australian' Possum because ours are actually quite nice and y'all American ones scare me.
  11. 2: Baby Wombat.
  12. It was a close second. Runner up because look at it.
  13. 1: Baby Koala. WINNER!
    Stop. I can't. Well deserved. 🐨
  14. Good on ya Australia. 🇦🇺