Baby Otters Are All Of Us.

Because I needed cheering up and stumbled upon baby otters and you're welcome.
  1. I'll bet you need a pick me up? Right?
    I certainly do...
  2. Well have no fear, baby otters are here.
    And I think we can all relate.
  3. Whelp.
  4. I actually want someone to scratch my belly so I can de-stress.
    Who can I hire to do this? I'll pay in cookies.
  5. @alexdwyer63 this is you and I.
  6. I too have things I shouldn't play with yet am delighted by.
  7. Guys!
  8. Feisty.
  9. Procrastination.
  10. But with wine...
  11. In bed on a Friday night like...
  12. Bonus, just for cuteness.
    Look at the fluffiness!