Took me a while to get to this one. Sorry @nikkilounoel but THANK YOU! I feel like I have developed a very high pain tolerance. Not a lot makes me cry. But Number 1 does.. Every time.
  1. Tumbling.
    Rolling, leaping, falling, partnering, acrobatic type stuff. Bruises are legendary.
  2. Ballet classes.
    Trying to tackle stairs the next day. Nope.
  3. Rolling out.
    Getting a golf ball and sticking it into your calf/glute muscle is no joke.
  4. Being on set for a shoot. All day & all night.
    Not typical pain, but exhausting. Being on camera sucks all of the energy out of you, and when you're repeating stuff x1000, it gets rough. Driving to locations at random hours of the night/morning is also not good.
  5. Dry Needling. Hell hath no fury like it...
    Okay so this is unbearable... Done at the Physio. It's like acupuncture but westernised & the cause of many tears. It is literally having long, thick needles stuck into your body/muscular pressure points and then twisting them in deeper 3-4 times every 10 minutes.. It is the devil. But, 48 hours later I am reborn. No joke, all muscle tension is gone and injuries released. My body and spirit is broken and then rebuilt by this treatment.