AKA The Dumpling Date. 🍜
  1. Okay, this is what's happening!
  2. And then this happened yesterday!
  3. We moved on to Bachelor Number 2 today.
    He will be called B2 for short.
  5. Met on Tinder. As previously mentioned, I'm very picky and only swipe right VERY occasionally.
    I have a criteria. Typical Evie move.
  6. B2 'super liked' me though, and I was intrigued by him anyway, so he got the green light to open up conversation.
  7. We chatted. My immediate response to his way of texting/speaking was thinking he seemed like a Labrador puppy.
    Very enthusiastic, responding very quickly, lots of back and forth (fetch?). It was refreshing!
  8. So he seems legit; has an interesting job, is a little older than me, is not an axe murderer. All ticks! ✔️
    He's a 24 year old Digital Designer for a cool company in the city.
  9. He suggested we go and get some dumplings! That is a BIG tick for me.
    I freaking love dumplings. ✔️
  10. So I decided why not, let's do this. If worse comes to worse, I got some good dumplings in my belly.
  11. THE DATE:
  12. He was EARLY. Rarely does anyone beat me to anything! I was early too, he was just earlier!
    ✔️ Colour me impressed.
  13. Both of us seemed a little nervous to start with but that quickly faded. We were both chatting a lot to avoid silences to begin with, but the conversation flowed and was great.
    He's articulate, funny and interesting. And was genuinely interested in my work too. We're both creative types so that was great.
  14. After we got out the 'What's your work like?' etc etc questions.. We moved into travel and funny stories and more personal life stuff.
    Still very funny and interesting. Didn't have to force anything.
  15. And we were both honest as to Tinder pasts and general singleness.
    I told him he was my first ever Tinder date. He seemed not freaked out by that so ✔️
  16. We took a stroll in the sunshine back to the station to part ways.
    More conversation, general chit chat and banter. Clicking ✔️
  17. Said goodbye outside the station. I was meeting a friend for coffee somewhere nearby.
  18. I gave him a hug and we made plans to meet up again and go to a stand up comedy night.
    My suggestion. Because I love doing that and I think it would be a super fun second date!
  19. I feel like there was a bit of tension for a kiss.. But I got a little frazzled so just hugged him again and we left.. 😳
    So that's Hugs - 2. Kisses - 0.
  20. I'm fine with that though, I didn't need a kiss and was clear about a second date so all good! ✔️
    It needs to feel at least 87% right, you know?
  22. Before I forget. The dumplings were AMAZING!
  23. So damn good. Fluffy and light and scrumptious x1000.
    We had pork buns, steamed prawn & scallop and vegetarian. Oooooft. I'm going to be dreaming about them!
  24. Definitely a tick for both dumplings and the date!
  26. I don't know if I felt a huge 'spark'. But I feel like that's mostly overrated anyway.
    Thoughts on the necessity or realness of sparks, fellow listers?????
  27. He was kind & nice... And a little quirky and odd which I liked! Not arrogant or too full on.
  28. So.. A second date I think for B2. He did well. I did well too I think, I'm not great at dating but I was myself and genuinely happy to be in his company!
  29. A rose for B2! 🌹
  30. Wow so Day/te 3 TOMORROW!
  31. How do people do this all the time?!
  32. I'm already exhausted...
  33. But excited! Bachelor Number 3 is an interesting prospect!
  34. Stay tuned!
    To be continued! For you @robbiebaird47 😉