1. In case you missed it! I'm doing this thing - 3 Dates In 3 Days.
    This was for Day/te 2 - Day 2 - Date 2.
  2. Time for Bachelor Number 3 to step up to plate for the final round!
    *Ding Ding Ding!* Mixed metaphors, don't care. Go with it.
  4. B3 was the 2nd guy I ever started talking to on Tinder. So I was nervous, apprehensive & cautious to begin with.
  5. And I told him that, and he was very understanding, but was honest with me as well and forward about wanting to meet up.
    Which I like!
  6. However, we are both incredibly busy people, so finding a time was super difficult!
    By the by, he's a 27 year old detective. A bit of an age gap but I'm cool with it. And very intrigued by his job/life!
  7. We have been chatting on and off for about two weeks now which is nice, but the build up was getting out of hand!
    Like you don't want to ask/answer super in depth questions because you want to save it for face to face conversation. But that leaves you with the 'what are you doing today?' And 'how's work?' crap all the time 😳
  8. But FINALLY we settled on coffee today!
    We both expressed the excitement and fear of awkwardness of first meetings so we're on the same page.
  9. THE DATE:
  10. He was 2 minutes late..
    I was early. He doesn't know the area very well though.. So I'll forgive it!
  11. And he made the effort to come around to my area to meet up.
    It was a fair drive for him and I appreciate that immensely. ✔️
  12. Early awkwardness... The cafe I suggested was closed 😳😕
    Very embarrassing as I had been talking it up.
  13. We laughed about it. It was all good. So we went to another one, just as nice, down the road.
    Good recovery, Evie!
  14. Nerves on both ends! I felt.. But good chat and conversation. He asked good questions and was really interested in what I did!
  15. And he is really passionate about his job! He's ambitious and I love that in a person. It's important to me.
  16. We share very similar values & morals. And he seems grounded.
  17. This guy was getting me a little flustered, I was talking a lot and a little fast which are my signs of nerves.
    I'm usually pretty cool and collected.
  18. Nonetheless, he was kind & sweet and intriguing. Great eye contact, great smile!
  19. He walked me to my car...
  20. And...
  21. Cue awkwardness. But it was cute!
    I wish I was smoother, but alas, I was not a cool cucumber at this moment.
  22. We kissed. And OOFT it was a gooooood first kiss.
    Despite apprehensive awkwardness but again, we got there, and it was worth it.
  23. Like... It left me a little speechless.
  24. There was that spark I was talking about.
    Which I didn't need from the last date. It's not essential to me. But it was there with B3. That's for sure.
  25. And we've already talked about seeing each other again for a second date. He's not playing games, thank god. I do not respond to games.
    Don't waste my time. I do not have it to waste. And he understands that. ✔️
  27. B3 definitely had the most build up and I was pleasantly surprised! He was more than I expected from a handsome police officer.
    I was concerned about general arrogance and cockiness. But I didn't get any signals like that. He was really down to earth!
  28. And I really want to see him again. I feel comfortable in his company and like I am safe being myself around him.
  29. So.. A rose for B3! 🌹
    You earned it, buddy!
  31. Okay so it's a little complicated now.. These two guys are really nice.
    And I'm not letting my brain get ahead of myself. I tend to do that. But I'm keeping myself grounded here.
  32. I'm okay with keeping my options open, it's all casual at the moment and all parties are clear on that.
    I've mentioned honesty a lot, it's essential and makes things easier in the long run.
  33. I don't love the idea of having second dates with two different guys though.. It feels not very 'me'.
  34. I'm going to let it simmer in my brain for a while, I want to settle down over the week and consider things.
  35. But.. I'm really glad I did this.
  36. I needed a new experience and I needed life to happen a little more.
  37. I've been so closed off emotionally for a while that just putting myself out there again feels like a relief.
    This is definitely not something I'll be doing all the time! Or for a long time again if nothing works out here. But I'm happy I made myself go through with it.
  38. Thanks for sticking around, team, I appreciate the support more than I can express.
    Thank you, so so much. Your words of wisdom have been very comforting!
  39. For now, I think I'll leave the listing about this topic until something more solid happens. Or doesn't happen. Either way.
    And I'll try to come up with more interesting/funny/list-like lists instead!
  40. But writing about this has been a joy! And maybe I'll get to write about it again soon, who knows..
  41. That's all for now folks, thanks for playing, much love to you all for reading this far! 🙏🏻
    I don't know Chris, I do not know...