Drunk Evie Doesn't Come Out Too Often So Enjoy It While It Lasts!

I'm a little drunk right now.
  1. I don't drink that often.
  2. I'm a pretty cheap drunk which makes me a great friend because I get super friendly and I don't cost very much to get to that point.
  3. But I just finished off a show with another company here in Sydney.
  4. And it was fucking awesome.
  5. Sold out all three nights.
  6. Got a great response from dance industry peeps.
  7. And I'm fucking tired but also fucking delighted that we pulled it off.
  8. I also swear a lot when I'm drunk...
  9. So okay, gonna go and party on and then sleep for a month now
  11. Probs deleting this in the morning but drunk Evie don't give a flying cahoot right now.