You knows those memories that just pop into your head every once in a while? The ones that make you laugh at your shame all these years later? Yeah, we've all been there. These are my very vivid memories...
  1. AGE 11: Walking into the boys bathroom.
    We've all been there. It happens. But, like, three people saw me do it & it was mortifying.
  2. Age 6: Peeing my pants at school.
    I was at a new school in a new state and absolutely busting at lunch time.. I didn't know my way around, I couldn't find the bathrooms. And my rational decision was to go back to class afterwards and pretend like nothing happened. I lasted five minutes and finally whispered to the teacher.
  3. AGE 7: Spelling the word 'recycle' wrong.
    I was a truly fantastic speller in my day (*hair flick*), I think I missed my calling. But I messed up this one little word and cried in class whilst having to write it out correctly 5 times.
  4. AGE 13: Letting one rip at a sleep over.
    Yep, I farted at a sleep over. There, I admitted it. But I certainly did not at the time. These were the 'popular' girls at school, for goodness sake, how could I?! I did indeed, supply it and deny it.
  5. AGE 15: Falling flat on my ass in dance class.
    It was the very first class with a new peer group. We were doing a warm up. I went for a high kick. It didn't end well...
  6. AGE 16: Getting caught making out with my boyfriend by a teacher at school.
    My then very serious boyfriend, it was true love, for a whole month. No one else was around. Except for that teacher who was leaving for the day and scared the crap out of us by beeping her car horn very loudly. Sorry Miss.
  7. Age 10: Accidentally calling my 5th grade teacher "Dad" in front of the whole class.
    Suggested by @boygirlparty