ALL CAPS nostalgia because I am literally shouting it at you in excitement.
  1. This is @alexdwyer63.
    And me. On one of our adventurous outings.
  2. She's rad AF.
  3. I could leave the list there, but I'll give you more reasons if you want.
  4. She's from Sydney, and we've been best friends for ohh, about 8 years now? Longer?
    Too long to count. It's no matter anyway, have I mentioned she's rad? Also, Aussie represent! 🇦🇺
  5. We've grown into awesome, individual women together!
    We've been through some pretty big life experiences side by side and I honestly don't know what I'd do without her.
  6. She's an anthropology major.
    Rad-ness and understanding of all things human. Also studied philosophy. So she can get all philosophical on yo' ass too!
  7. She is fearless in going for what she wants.
    So determined, so brave.
  8. She's really funny!
    I like to think that we're like Tina & Amy. Even in just the brunette and blonde combo kind of way.
  9. Fun fact: she just took up knitting.
    Which is cool and I'm gonna get a scarf one day! Right?
  10. She is so selfless!
    Like, beyond selfless. Would fly to America and give you a hand made scarf she made on the 20+ hour plane trip, if you were cold.
  11. She keeps me in check.
    Lord knows I need it.
  12. She loves learning and new opinions!
    Always up for a great debate. But she's kind, I swear.
  13. She's just a cool chick and I hope you can all welcome her to this wonderful place!
    Because I've been raving about it forever and it's about time she got here.
  14. Give her a follow, you won't be disappointed!
    That's @alexdwyer63 everyone, go forth and find her! You know, if you want.. :)